About Us

Pack 264 has been supporting the youth of Crosby since 1974 through the ongoing support of the Crosby United Methodist Church. We thank them for this opportunity to serve our community as this would not be possible without them.

The Boy Scouts of America have multiple programs designed to enrich youth while preparing them to tackle life’s challenges.

  • Pack 264 is “Cub Scouts” and is designed for youth between the ages 5 and 10 which is then split between multiple ranks: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. Each rank is divided into dens, led by an adult Den Leader, and separated between boys and girls. The Den Leaders pull support from each other, the Cubmaster, and, most importantly, the parents. This program sets the stage for advancement to Troop so they may continue their path to Eagle Rank.
  • Troop 264 is “Scouts” and is geared towards youth between the ages 11 and 18. The Scouts lead the unit themselves while there is an adult Scoutmaster that ensures they are focused and advancing towards their Eagle Rank.

Still have questions? Our Cubmaster is here to help under our Contact page.

Chartered Organization: Crosby United Methodist Church

Leadership PositionNameMeeting
CubmasterMark Owen
Assistant CubmasterNate Gallop
Lion Champion (Kindergarten)Tami Gallop
Tiger Den Leader (Girls-1)
Tiger Den Leader (Boys-1)
Wolf Den Leader (Girls-2)Tami Gallop
Wolf Den Leader (Boys-2)Kathryn Rasbeary
Bear Den Leader (Girls-3)
Bear Den Leader (Boys-3)Jennifer Whittredge
Bear Asst. Den Leader (Boys-3)
Webelos Den Leader (Girls-4/5)
Webelos Den Leader (Boys-4)Walter Mosley
AoL Den Leader (Girls-5)
AoL Den Leader (Boys-5)
Aol Asst. Den Leader (Boys-5)